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Black Box Experience

An unique experience in the USA: an escape room especially designed for big groups. You can play Black Box with 8 to 24 people at the same time in one escape room. A spectaculair experience, in which it's crucial to work together to escape!

In Black Box the players work together in different combinations to solve the puzzles. Sometimes they'll find a solution in smaller teams of 2 or 4 people and sometimes the whole group has to work together to succeed.
And at the end of the game the whole team will come together for the final amazing puzzle. Because collaboration and communication are essential to escape, Black Box is perfect for teambuilding and team coaching. Read more about training and coaching in Black Box.

More information

The perfect team!

The inventor John Jacobs was working on a special project, groundbreaking research. He succeed in bundeling all knowledge

Hij was hem gelukt om alle kennis over de wereld, mensen en natuur te bundelen in de Black Box. Hij vond het te gevaarlijk als al deze kennis in handen kwam van 1 persoon. Daarom ontwikkelde hij een test voor het perfecte team. Alleen zij kunnen de Black Box activeren. Maar voordat het eerste team de test aanging, overleed John in zijn werkkamer. Het is nu aan jullie om het opnieuw te proberen.

In 75 minuten ontdekken jullie alle delen van deze mooie escape room. Lukt het jullie om deze escape room tot een goed einde te brengen? Dan zijn jullie het perfecte team!

The Story

"Black Box was fun, exciting and a useful teambuilding"

"Black Box was challenging. Good teamwork was really important. "

"First we had a business presentation and after that we played Black Box. It was a great afternoon!"

"The rooms look amazing! Everybody liked it."